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Literature & Immigrant Communities

Since the mid 1990s, over 100 nationalities have been drawn to Dublin UNESCO City of Literature.  This diverse multicultural society has enriched Dublin's literature with multicultural books and new cultural influences which have been embraced with enthusiasm by Dubliners. Multicultural literature and multicultural society is very active in Dublin's creative community.

Significant actions and outcomes have resulted, some of which include:

  • Women Writers in the New Ireland (WWINI), an initiative aimed at facilitating creative dialogue between women writers from migrant and multicultural communities.
  • The New Faces New Voices programme of creative writing workshops exploring the richness of cross-cultural experience and multicultural society organised by Dublin City Libraries and aimed at Dublin residents whose first language is not English.
  • The establishment in 2000 of the Dublin based Metro Eireann, a weekly multicultural newspaper. Roddy Doyle, one of Dublin’s Man Booker prize winners, regularly contributes stories about members of the city’s new immigrant communities.
  • The establishment by Dublin City Council of the Office for Integration which takes an active role in promoting the participation of immigrant communities in the cultural life of the city.
  • The presentation to Dublin City Libraries of a prestigious Metro Eireann Media & Multicultural Award (MAMA) for their 2008 Many Faces, Many Places inter-cultural programme of activities for children, many of which had a strong literary focus.
  • The publication by iBbY Ireland of Changing Faces – Changing Places, designed to help Irish and immigrant children under-stand other cultures and to provide children of mixed cultural backgrounds with a range of literature with which they can identify.
  • The founding of the Ireland-Poland Cultural Foundation, the patron of which is Dublin-based poet Seamus Heaney, and which represents one of the largest immigrant groups in the city.

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